About us



Sustainability is our passion! Not only with our product, but also with our production process. We want our "footprint" to be as small as possible.

 Because we are also economically sustainable, we have many local partners with whom we can make a good product together. As a result, we have greatly minimized our transport movement and our production process is virtually waste-free.

SolarWoodles are currently in use by more than 150 customers. If you have any questions, please contact us. We will be happy to help!


The founder of SolarWoodle, Bernard Wesseling, grew up with sustainable ideals as the son of a pastor. After the MTS in Ede and as a software programmer at NXP Semiconductors, he completed a study of development cooperation in Wageningen. During his travels mainly in Africa he found out that the cause of climate change lies in the richer countries. Therefore, his passion is to combat climate change through sustainable technology. Everything we save on emissions and raw materials has a direct effect in countries that do not have the resources to tackle climate change. His strength is his creativity, humor and customized approach!

Call Bernard at 0318 750080!